Three Fragrances for Fall

A sudden chill in the air. Fight back against the aggressive sweet smell of pumpkin spice lattes by adding a fresh scent to your arsenal for Fall. Here’s our selection of perfumes that set the scene for a beautiful and bountiful season.


Leather and spice, and other things nice. Blackbird’s Moto Oud is seductive, with a lingering warmth that is less comforting and more a promise of adventure. Balanced with a robust woodiness, this scent is an idiosyncratic spin on a popular blend of notes.


Conjuring the inimitable spirit of the Pacific Northwest, Blackbird’s Wendol Eau de Parfum possesses a rich earthiness. Rain, dirt and moss make this a unisex scent that feels right for Fall.


With dry amber, violet leaf, iris root and cedar – finished with black pepper – Triton by Blackbird has an iciness that steels its wearer against the elements. Floral meets mineral, for a crispness that complements change in your surroundings. An underlying amber woodiness grounds the top notes and gives the scent structure.

Shop the Blackbird collection at Craft & Culture.

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