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We’re always in awe of what Alicia Hannah Naomi pulls off aesthetically in her line and photographically in her campaigns… It’s such an elevated and cohesive representation of her as a designer and the use of fine metals, organic shapes and sharp forms.

It’s no surprise this latest campaign was shot by one of our favorite Australian photographers Stephanie Cammarano who also shoots for Hopeless Lingerie and was featured in our first edition of Ledger Magazine.

Alicia on her new collection:

In response to corporeal relationships and visceral sensuality, the 2015 collection features raw textures with a primal tactility. The desire for human contact is communicated through sculpted surface treatments and undulation that culminates in sharp detail. Interlocking elements delineate our common need for intimacy, while the shadowy blackening of the precious metals amplify the brutality associated with lust.

Enjoy. See more here.


Silvae is a part of the newest wave of Seattle designers to present a beautiful line. Designer Deborah Roberts knows how to create the perfect uniform and we’re all over it. Use code “SEATTLE” at checkout to take 20% off.

Shop & Read the designer story here.

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Elizabeth Rudge is the genesis of Rad Gals. The photographer, team builder and creative extraordinaire conceptualized the Craft & Culture project and brought it to fruition through her lens and spark. I had the chance to interview Elizabeth recently on her past year, what it means to be a photographer in this age and the truths she will always hold close. The timing is perfect as Elizabeth gets ready to launch the next incarnation of Rad Gals to be released in Issue III of Ledger Magazine.

Read the full story here.

Beautiful photos by Megumi Shauna Arai. Visit Elizabeth’s website here.


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