What we’ll miss from our Summer Wardrobes

It’s 65 degrees in Seattle today, but for the sake of this seasonal trend piece, let’s pretend it’s cold and rainy. We’re rotating our closet and saying hello to the gorgeously oversized knits we packed away earlier in the year, dusting off the 20 near-identical pairs of black ankle boots, and eagerly reaching for our favorite leather jacket.

That also means parting from our favorite summer items, though. In a couple of weeks, there are some pieces that we just won’t be able to wear without risking pneumonia. Here are a few staples we’ll be lovingly packing away with the memories of summer.


While ultra thin tanks can be layered under thicker knits, we’re kissing goodbye the sunny days of baring our arms in pieces like this semi-sheer mesh Ovate top.


Light jersey dresses disappear in favor of knitted sweaters and heavy leathers. This striped body con style by REIF was perfectly airy for summer, falling just above the knee.


Vestige’s white floral lace skirt with collar detail at the waistband is just too adorable. Crafted from organic cotton, its ethereal quality was perfect for lazy summer days.

Shop more apparel at Craft and Culture.

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