Statement Cuffs to Covet


We love our understated pieces for everyday wear, but there’s something undeniably special about a statement jewelry design – especially from an independent designer.

Blackhorne’s leather harnesses are so beautifully crafted, and this wrap cuff is a chic alternative. Supple, soft, and handmade in the Pacific Northwest.


Designed and created in Manchester, England, Jade Mellor’s resin collection is a colorful celebration of nature. Each bracelet is unique, formed from the remaining material of Mellor’s past projects.


Minimalist yet statement-making, Aoko Su’s bronze cuff follows the lines of your wrist for a flattering, tailored look. An adjustable opening makes this piece comfortable both on bare arms and over clothing. Each piece is handmade in the US.


Sculpted with an architectural feel, this silver plated brass cuff is expertly crafted in London by Jessie Harris. Sleek and shiny, the polished piece has an angled design to catch the light from different directions and stand away from the wrist.


giantLION’s shark tooth cuff is handmade in Virginia from bronze. A brushed finish that prevents tarnishing, each piece is made with real shark teeth and is adjustable on the wrist.

Shop more bracelets from Craft and Culture.


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