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As a continuation of the Dirty Black Summer editorial appearing exclusively in LEDGER Magazine, Craft and Culture presents Dirty Black Summer Part II featuring apparel by Cute + Broke, leggings by Actual Pain, jewelry by Marmod8, Sarah Loertscher, &c. by Meghann Sommer, Fail, and Actual Pain. Bags by Ora.

On the eve of June 13, Craft & Culture had a party in Seattle to celebrate the artists behind the work as well as the release of LEDGER Magazine. Here are some photos from the evening by photographer and LEDGER contributor Kirby Ellis of Dressed for Tea. More photos on the Craft & Culture facebook.

Seattleites can pick up LEDGER for FREE at the following locations:

Capitol Hill: Vermillion Art Gallery & Lounge, Caffe Vita, Bauhaus Coffee & Books, Rudy’s, Arabica Lounge, Zero Zero, Joe Bar, Vivace.

Belltown: ACE Hotel, Rudy’s.

Ballard: Rudy’s, Cafe Fiore, Hotel Ballard.

Phinney Ridge: Rudy’s.

More locations coming soon! You can also order the magazine for the price of shipping materials and postage here.

Introducing two new jewelry artists to Craft & Culture: Seattle-based Sarah Loertscher and Fail from Austin, Texas!

These two artists work with metals to create beautiful and unique jewelry full of angles and movement. Full artist bios coming soon! See their work in the look book Black Gold.

Sarah Loertscher:

Gold Hex Bracelets

Large Steel Hex Hoop Earrings

Steel Kite Pendant Necklace in Gold

Large Intersecting Branch Earrings


Thin Simple Knot Bangle

Thin Deco Cuff

Deco Collar Necklace

Scaffold Necklace

Today marks a milestone at Craft & Culture as we launch our apparel section! Cute + Broke  is inspired by the street styles the designer observes out and about in her hometown of Athens.

Shop the Black Gold look book!

Jewelry by Sarah Loertscher, Marmod8 and Fail. Coming soon!

All tops and leather leggings by Cute + Broke. Sixth Seal Leggings from Actual Pain.

A while back I was sitting in Arabica Lounge talking with the owner, jojo, about jewelry & he asked me if I knew Sarah Loertscher’s work. I didn’t but I do now. She is a Seattle artist from Indiana, bringing the landscape she grew up with to her work. Expansive skies and industrial structures inform her minimalist aesthetic. A love for the basic structures of natural objects, crystalline growth and the play between order & chaos of the organic world illuminate her work with life. 

” I am fascinated with the way that something made purely of hard edges and angles can grow as organically as a flower.” – Sarah Loertscher for Artisans on Taylor.

All photos courtesy of the artist.

Admire & buy Sarah’s work here


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