Expert Series/Drifting Arrows

In light of the very tail end of summer, we’re hitting the water anywhere we can find it – including planning those winter vacations to warmer places. Seattle-based designer Leah Lawrence’s flawless swimwear line, Drifting Arrows, is comprised of pieces that are both versatile and elegant. Craft and Culture sat down with Leah to discuss the care and wear of her creations and offer 20% off sale on her pieces for a limited time only. 


Are there any specific styling tips you have, such as by-the-water do’s and don’ts? What would be some examples of ideal ways to style Drifting Arrows pieces poolside?

I always cringe when I see someone wearing shoes and socks at the beach, so that’s a big no.  Also, your swimwear should be comfortable and make you feel great….not the opposite – make sure you can move around at ease in your suit, and own your figure – no slouching!   Do wear sunglasses to keep your eyes protected and looking sharp, and always keep a hair-band in your beach bag so you don’t end up with a funny tan line. I suggest a top knot or a loose pony tail to complete the beachy look.

A great wide-brimmed hat is a pool-side essential, whether it be a structured panama or floppy-brimmed version.  They are practical (sun-burned faces are not fun or cute), allowing you to read or rest without all the squinting and over-exposure….and they look striking.  Drifting Arrows pieces are classic and simple in their palettes, so don’t be afraid to pair with some statement sunnies and a stylish sun hat.  


We’re major fans of your decision to design Drifting Arrows pieces to transition seamlessly into contexts that don’t involve bodies of water. Could you give us some tips on styling Drifting Arrows pieces to look ready to paddle out onto city sidewalks?

Our one-pieces were designed so they would work well styled like body-suits – just throw on a cute pair of shorts or a skirt over the Anonyme or Moyenne and you are good to go.  I’d suggest a slightly high-waisted pair of denim cut-offs or a cropped a-line skirt in a printed natural fabric.  If you are embracing the current midriff trend, you can pair our Kure or Maré bikini tops with a high-waisted maxi skirt or cuffed shorts.  


Chlorine is some seriously powerful stuff, and can also become a bit of an enemy to chic swim wear. How should we protect our Drifting Arrows items from the perils of such a harsh chemical?

We suggest you always hand rinse your suit thoroughly after use, in warm water using mild soap (shampoo works well).  Then rinse in cold water and let dry in a shady spot (no direct sunlight).  Never machine wash/dry or dry clean…and no harsh chemicals for cleaning.  We recommend this process after each wear, but especially after wearing your suit in a chlorinated pool/jacuzzi.  Also, try to avoid getting your suit in direct contact with sun block and oils.  


With your background of world travel, and keeping that in mind in your approach to Drifting Arrows, do you have any tips on how to best pack Drifting Arrows pieces?

First of all, always make sure your pieces are completely dry before packing into a suitcase…so nothing funky starts to grow.  Then just fold your suit up into a nice compact shape and start imagining yourself sitting pool-side or on a sun-drenched beach.  Drifting Arrows pieces were created with ease of wear in mind, especially during travel, so don’t be afraid to  take them along on your journey and enjoy their versatility and comfort.


Sun exposure can often deplete fabric of its rich hues, leaving it looking faded. Are Drifting Arrows suits in danger of this as well, and if so, should we limit direct sun exposure to our favorite Drifting Arrows two-piece?

Our suits are made from very high-quality, Italian made Lycra material that is tested extensively in labs for it’s durability and colorfastness.  The fabric colors are not only selected for their beauty but also their ability to withstand these elements, so luckily you don’t need to worry about your colors fading or fabric weakening.


The Drifting Arrows color palette is so versatile, are there any colors in the collection that you think should or should not be mixed/matched?

We love the idea of mixing and matching our colors and they were selected as a family so they can all sit side by side.  We especially love the black and navy combo.  


Finally, we want our Drifting Arrows pieces to last season after season; any last little tips on how to make sure this happens?

Avoiding chlorine will definitely help your suit stay strong over the years, and hot tubs are especially harsh, so if possible we recommend limited exposure to these environments.  Also, rough pool edges are to be avoided.  Another way to take extra good care of our suit is to roll it into a clean dry towel after cleaning to get excess water out, rather than ringing it out.



Photos courtesy of Drifting Arrows and Charlie Schuck.

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