Saturday stops in Seattle/

Seattle is out in full shine. Bare shoulders, bronzed cheekbones and wild colors.

Our street looked beautiful.I headed up to SPUN Collective for their sample sale and met a lovely group of women. Joanna Morgan who designs beautiful jewelry on sale at SPUN introduced herself to me and we talked about blogging and artisan jewelry.And these lovely ladies are Jess and Alix Rose, respectively, Seattle fashion blogging aficionadas. They were so sweet and supportive and opened my eyes to a whole new collective of Seattle fashion, design, food and culture enthusiasts.

SPUN also does their own wonderful line.The greatest discovery of the day was the work of Cameron Levin, who was also in the store talking with customers and friends. Her sheer, draped pieces are absolutely stunning. Inspired by ballet, she also created a feather bustier dress. And all her fabric is sustainable, per the SPUN model.

After, I ventured to The Project Room down the street where I met Mandy Greer, a multi-disciplinary artist working in installation, fiber and mixed-media. She is also the current artist in residence at the room.

Mandy led me through a beautiful poetry installation called The Rune Library by Sierra Nelson.I walked away with this poem on loan that made perfect sense to me but unfortunately told me, “Time to clean up!”. So true.

Finally I stopped off at the Century Ballroom Indoor Flea Market. The Ballroom is one of my favorite spaces in Seattle, so I’ve been very excited about their new endeavor. I was a few minutes late but managed to get a few good snaps and vowed to return next week to shop the goods.


4 thoughts

  1. It was so nice to meet you yesterday, Hana! The SPUN sample sale was very successful, and a wonderful way to meet new and old friends. Enjoy the rest of the summer 🙂

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